2021 10-18

[Nurses took nearly 500 photos outside the corridor windows of the ward. Netizen: There is light in life] The old lady who has been hospitalized many times, the middle-aged man who is waiting for surgery with frowning, the old man who recovers after the operation... On the 17th floor of Zhejiang People's Hospital, there are often Hospitalized patients and their families stood in the corridor and looked out. Sometimes there is a golden sunrise outside the window, sometimes it is a red sunset, sometimes it is a blue sky... Nurse Fan Chaojie took nearly 500 photos here in a year, "You must believe that there will be light into your life one day. ". (Source: CCTV News)

[护士在病房的走廊窗户外拍摄了近500张照片。网友:生活有光]多次住院的老太太,皱着眉头等着手术的中年男人,手术后康复的老太太...浙江人民医院17楼,经常有住院的病人及其家人站在走廊上,望着外面。有时窗外有金色的日出,有时是红色的日yobo娱乐平台官网yobo娱乐中心落,有时是蓝天...范超杰护士一年在这里拍了近500张照片,“您必须相信,生活中将会充满光明一天。 ”。 (来源:中央电视台新闻)