2021 10-18
【yobo娱乐平台】OPPO再出Find X2定制版,英雄联盟S10最强周边现身

Original title: OPPO has another customized version of Find X2, the strongest peripherals of League of Legends S10 appeared

原标题:OPPO还有另一个定制版本的Find X2,这是英雄联盟S10最强大的外围设备

[PConline Talk] The League of Legends S10 season, the hot start.

[PConline Talk]英雄联盟S10赛季热启动。

As early as September, the League of Legends officially launched the official warm-up of the S10 season. The top players sighed as soon as the official announcement: It’s time to buy heroes and skins with krypton gold. Ask friends and friends to watch it. It's time for live broadcast and spit together. Of course, Krypton Gold watched the live broadcast, and of course he was competing in the qualifying game, first blood!

早在9月,英雄联盟就正式启动了S10赛季的正式预热。官方宣布后,顶级玩家就叹了口气:是时候用k金购买英雄和皮肤了。请朋友和朋友观看。现在该是直播和吐痰的时候了。当然,K金(Krypton Gold)观看了现场直播,当然他也参加了排位赛比赛,第一口血!

In addition to the official MV, as one of the most expensive games on the planet, the official MV naturally cannot satisfy the tastes of all players. As the official partner of the League of Legends game, OPPO has brought you a different surprise. At 11:30 am on October 12th, OPPO released the unofficial self-made League of Legends unofficial MV "Be the Legend" on its official Weibo, in which Ah Shui and shy are now combined, Faker, blind monk-Sofm, Yasuo- Doinb and others appeared to be the highlight. The song part was sung by singer-songwriter @TIA袁娅维, which attracted a lot of attention once it was released.

除了官方MV,作为全球最昂贵的游戏之一,官方MV自然不能满足所有玩家的口味。作为英雄联盟游戏的官方合作伙伴,OPPO给您带来了不同的惊喜。 10月12日上午11:30,OPPO在其官方微博上发布了非官方的自制英雄联盟非官方MV“传奇”,其中包括阿水和害羞的阿克,费克,僧侣索夫,雅夫- Doinb和其他人似乎是亮点。歌曲的一部分是由歌手兼作曲家@TIA袁娅维演唱的,该歌曲一经发行便引起了广泛的关注。

Wait, there are only unofficial Madden MVs, and you too underestimate OPPO. At the same time as the official MV was released, the OPPO Find X2 League of Legends S10 limited edition reservation page was officially launched, and the strongest customized peripheral of the S10 season was born. Not only the customized version of OPPO Find X2, but also OPPO Watch and a new unreleased circle Dial OPPO Watch.

等一下,只有非官方的Madden MV,您也低估了OPPO。在发布官方MV的同时,OPPO Find X2英雄联盟S10限量版预订页面正式启动,S10赛季最强大的定制外设诞生了。不仅是OPPO Find X2的定制版本,还包括OPPO Watch和一个新的未发布的圈式Dial OPPO Watch。