2021 11-09

[About Shandong Luneng’s penalty] #中超联盟# Wang Dalei didn't foul, and Wang Tong didn't kick Bacambu from the rear from the screen, so the reason for Shen Yinhao's penalty kick was Kadal. This ball is indeed controversial, but Kadar didn’t play smartly. If he can’t kick the ball in the penalty area, he shouldn’t use obvious moves to hit the opposing player anymore. This ball is very thief and Bacambu is aware of someone in the lateral Rushing quickly, the ball may not be available, first fall down. Kadar gave Shen Yinhao a reason for penalizing a penalty kick. After he landed in the Super League, his defensive action has been too big, and he should pay more attention to it in the future, otherwise the team has no room to pay for his reckless behavior.

[关于山东鲁能的处罚]#中超联盟# 王大磊没有犯规,王彤也没有从屏幕后方踢巴坎布,所以沉因豪的点球大战是卡达尔。 这个球确实是有yobo娱乐中心争议的,但是卡达尔打得不够聪明。如果他不能在罚球区踢球,就不应再采取明显的动作击中对方球员。这个球非常小偷,Bacambu意识到有人yobo娱乐平台在外侧急速冲球,该球可能不可用,首先摔倒。 卡达尔给了沉银浩一个罚点球的理由。在他进入中超联赛后,他的防守动作太大了,将来他应该更多地注意这一点,否则球队就没有空间为自己的鲁ck行为付出代价。