2021 11-08

New products from Barcelona's official surroundings are coming, and the one that won a big win in this wave of face value competition is... the official Barcelona bracelet! As the first jewelry product of Xiaoposa, we have devoted all our love! 18K gold-covered bracelet, 925 silver plated with 18K gold, double-layer hollow Barcelona LOGO and tail pendant with red and blue enamel. Heavy industry builds, interprets red and blue glory. It not only makes fans and girls love it, but it is also the most anticipated holiday gift for the "chain people". Want to see more new products in this issue,

巴塞罗那官方环境的新产品即将问世,在这场面对面竞争中赢得巨大胜利的是…yobo娱乐中心…巴塞罗那官方手镯! 作为Xiaoposa的首个珠宝产品,我们倾注了全yobo娱乐平台部的心血! 18K金覆盖的手链,925纯银镀18K金,双层镂空巴塞罗那LOGO和带红色和蓝色珐琅的尾部吊坠。重工业建立,诠释红色和蓝色的荣耀。 它不仅使yobo娱乐平台粉丝和女孩们都喜欢它,而且还是“连锁店员”最期待的节日礼物。 希望在本期中看到更多新产品,