2021 10-14

In the match between Guoan and SIPG yesterday, referee Zhang Lei made multiple controversial penalties. Regarding the referee's comments in this game, the Sports Department of the "People's Daily" quoted a world-class whistle saying that "citing the best referee is to make fans and players not feel his presence."


People’s Daily Sports wrote: “Last night’s Chinese Super League reappeared in disputes and penalties. In fact, it is more than the angry Guoan after the game. There are too many teams that have suffered injustices this season. The second stage of the game is about to start, regardless of the championship or relegation. A more fair and clear environment. Referees cannot always be the protagonist of the game. A world-class whistle once said,'The best referee is to make fans and players not feel his presence'. I hope the referees of the Super League can learn from this. ."

人民日报写道:“昨晚的中国超级联赛在争议yobo娱乐中心和处罚中再次出现。实际上,这不仅仅是赛后生气的国安。本赛季有yobo娱乐中心太多遭受不公正待遇的球队。无论冠军或降级,游戏的第二阶段即将开始。一个更加公平和清晰的环境。裁判不一定总是比赛的主角。一位世界级的口哨曾经说过:“最好的裁判是让球迷和球员们感觉不到他的存在”。我希望中超联赛的裁判可以从中学到东西。 。”