2021 10-14

In the first three games of the new game, Dortmund let Bellingham and Reina join the two 17-year-olds. The first two played well, but in the away game at Augsburg, the game was misfired and the performance was not stable enough. Dortmund captain Royce said this is normal, the outside world should be patient, and the coach also needs to find the right combination.


Speaking of teenagers such as Bellingham and Renner, Royce said: "They are all 17 or 18 years old. It is normal not to perform well every week. You have to be patient and coach at the same time. You must find the right combination."


"We have complete confidence in the teenagers. When they play poorly, we are not angry. Everyone has experienced it. You have to work hard like everyone else."


Asked if he will start the German Super Cup, Royce said: "I feel good, of course I need some time to reach 100% health, but it will come eventually, I am not worried. To Bayern or Saturday It’s not that important to me whether I’m starting the game, I can stay relatively relaxed.”