2021 11-02

Tiger Punch, October 22. After Ajax lost 0-1 to Liverpool, coach Tenhag was interviewed.

Tiger Punch,10月22日。在阿贾克斯0-1输给利物浦之后,特纳格教yobo娱乐中心练接受了采访。

Tenhag said: "We have brought Liverpool to the brink of collapse. We can only blame ourselves for this failure. We created the opportunity, but then we have to'pull the trigger' and turn the opportunity into a goal. OK. Now we ourselves have not been able to grasp the opportunity, we can only leave the sour feeling."


Today, Ajax formed a 442 formation instead of the usual 433. Tenhag said: "Do I have a different approach after the game? No, because we did a very good job. Facing a very good team. The team, we played very well. The planning and execution were excellent, but the goal was missing."


Klopp said that the turf at Cruyff Stadium was not good today. In this regard, Tenhag said: "I didn't think it was that bad. I can only hope that the turf at Anfield is better."