2021 11-02

Setien led the team to create a 2-8 humiliating defeat and dismissed get out of class. In an interview recently, the former Barcelona coach said in an interview that a superstar like Messi is difficult to manage, just like Michael Jordan. Sel Radio also revealed a fierce conflict between Setien and Messi during his coaching. The Argentine superstar was very dissatisfied with Setien's way of managing the locker room.

Setien带领球队创造了2-8负的羞辱,并退出了比赛。前巴塞罗那教练在一次采访中说,像梅西这样的超级巨星像迈克尔·乔丹一样难以管理。 Sel Radio还透露了Setien和Messi在执教期间的激烈冲突。阿根廷超级巨星对Setien管理更衣室的方式非常不满意。

The conflict occurred in the 32nd round of last season in Barcelona’s 2-2 draw with Celta. In that game, Suzanne helped Barcelona lead twice, but the Red and Blues lost the goal at the last minute, and Barcelona only got 1 away. Minute. In the same round, Real Madrid beat the Spaniard 1-0 away to get 3 points, the two teams opened a 2 point gap, Barcelona lost the initiative to compete for the championship.


According to Sel Radio reporter Alberts, after the 2-2 draw with Celta, fierce clashes broke out in the Barcelona locker room. Alberts revealed: “At that time, Setien criticized many Barcelona players, while Messi and other players I think that the Barcelona coach’s tone is very uncomfortable. He does not respect the players. These players have received much more honor than Setien."


Messi immediately put forward his opinion to Setien, but the former Barcelona coach responded to Messi in this way: "If you don't like what I say, the door is over there." What Setien meant was to let Messi himself. Fuck off, the Argentine superstar did not respond. Instead, he smiled at Setien, because Messi knew his job would not last long.

梅西立即向塞蒂安表达了自己的见解,但这位前巴塞罗那教练对梅西的回应是这样的:“如果您不喜欢我的话,那扇门就在那儿。” Setien的意思是让梅西本人。滚开,阿根廷巨星没有回应。相yobo娱乐中心反,他对Setien微笑,因为Messi知道他的工作不会持续很长时间。

It was also in Barcelona's 2-2 draw with Celta. The camera captured the former assistant Saravia trying to explain the tactics to Messi during the replenishment period, but Messi turned around and walked away without listening. It was Suarez who later called Messi back, and Setien witnessed all this without saying a word.


It can be seen from the revelations of Sear Radio that Setien has no way to control the locker room. Messi, Sushen and others do not believe in Setien’s coaching ability, so Setien’s dismissal is a matter of course. Although Koeman speaks very directly, he still respects this group of Barcelona players.

从Sear Radio的启示可以看出,Setien无法控制更衣室。梅西,苏申和其他人不相信Setien的教练能力,因此Setien被解雇是理所当然的事情。尽管科曼讲话非常直接,但他yobo娱乐平台官网仍然尊重这批巴塞罗那球员。