2021 10-20

Original title: No one will come! Just today, Lao Zhan takes the first place in history with a huge advantage + is praised as the strongest 1V1!


It is not difficult to admit that others are great, but when a series of great statistics are connected with one person, it still makes people feel unbelievable. G2 scored 33 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 0 turnovers. James has created another great record!

承认别人是伟yobo娱乐中心大的并不难,但是当一系列伟大的统计数据与一个人联系在一起时,它仍然使人们感到难以置信。 G2获得33分,9个篮板,9次助攻和0次失误。詹姆斯创造了另一个伟大的记录!

I have to admire the comprehensiveness and meticulousness of NBA statistics, especially for legendary players like James. Without relevant statistics, we will miss the opportunity to appreciate his greatness!


Yesterday after World War I, James and Rich Eyebrow scored 25+ in the same game for the 8th time in the playoffs this year and shot over 50%. They continued to refresh the NBA record. The second place was Julius Irving (5 times in 1977). Ge Collins and Jordan & Pippen (5 times in 1992).

昨天,第一次世界大战结束后,詹姆斯和里奇·修罗在今年季后赛中第8次在同一场比赛中得分25+,投篮命中率超过50%。他们继续刷新NBA纪录。第二名是朱利叶斯·欧文(Julius Irving)(1977年获得5次)。柯林斯(Ge Collins)和乔丹(Jordan&Pippen)(1992年获得5次)。

For the 138th time in the career playoffs, he achieved 25+5+5 data, ranking first in history, even more than the sum of second-ranked Jordan (73 times) and third-ranked Bird (53 times). Playing 12 times is almost equal to twice that of Jordan. What this data shows: stable and comprehensive!

在职业生涯季后赛的第138次yobo娱乐中心中,他取得了25 + 5 + 5的数据,历史上排名第一,甚至超过了排名第二的约旦(73倍)和排名第三的伯德(53倍)。打12次几乎等于乔丹的两倍。该数据显示:稳定而全面!

These two characteristics formally existed with James’ entire NBA career. After all, he averaged 20+5+5 per game in his rookie season. At that time, he was extremely comprehensive, basically in every team. Being a father and a mother", the more able to work is also applicable in the NBA! And when he can continue such a stable and comprehensive performance in the playoffs, it must be said that Lao Zhan is indeed a figure who can determine both the lower limit and the upper limit!

这两个特征正式存在于詹姆斯的整个NBA职业生涯中。毕竟,他在新秀赛季场均贡献20 + 5 + 5。当时,他非常全面,基本上在每个团队中都如此。作为一个父亲和母亲,“更能干工作的人也将适用于NBA!当他能够在季后赛中继续保持如此稳定和全面的表现时,必须说,老詹确实是一个能够同时兼顾两个方面的人物。下限和上限!