2021 10-26

Original title: Fantai Equestrian Fence: Tan Zhiqin and Huang Lixing won the 2020 China Equestrian Festival Dressage Matching Championship


Qingma.com News on October 7, 2020 China Equestrian Festival ushered in the last competition day, and as one of the core events of the China Equestrian Festival, the Chinese Equestrian Dressage Champions Cup and National Games Dressage Qualifiers ended all two rounds. Competition for competition. This competition also includes a pairing event, that is, the riders will compete in the form of two pairs of horses and men, choose their own costumes, customize their music, and adopt the subjects designated by the China Horse Association. According to Chief Referee Huai Peixin, the dressage match is a traditional European competition introduced last year. The match returns to the essence of dressage and has a higher artistic element. "This competition will incorporate artistic elements, such as soundtracks, costumes, and arrangement. In addition to technology, the combination of horses and horses will also show other elements on the field. With the continuous development of equestrian sports, entering such events is to break the barriers of level and technology. ."

青马网讯2020年10月7日,中国马术节迎来了比赛的最后一天,作为中国马术节的核心活动之一,中国马术盛装舞步冠军杯和全运会盛装舞步预选赛全部结束了两轮比赛。争夺竞争。这项比赛还包括一对配对项目,即车手将以两对马匹的形式进行比赛,选择自己的服装,定制他们的音乐,并采用中国马协指定的主题。根据裁判长怀佩欣的说法,盛装舞步比赛是去年引入的一项传统的欧洲比赛。这场比赛恢复了盛装舞步的精髓,并具有更高的艺术元素。 “这项比赛将结合艺术元素,例如配乐,服装和布置。除技术外,马与马的结合还将展示该领域的其他元素。随着马术运动的不断发展,进入此类赛事的目的是打破水平和技术的障碍。”

In the finals of the dressage match on the 7th, two pairs of horses from the Guangdong team-rider Tan Zhiqin and his horse "Skala" and rider Huang Lixing and his horse "Love General"- Won the match of the match with a score of 68.500. Zhong Huice from Qiyu Equestrian Club and his teammate Dong Yanlice on horseback riding "Rhine Love" won the second place. The Hebei Equestrian Team's Liu Jianwei rode the horse "Young Oklad", and the rider Chen Xuce rode his horse "Yo Danx" won the third place.

在7日盛装舞步的决赛中,来自广东省队骑手谭之琴和他的马“斯卡拉”以及骑手黄立兴和他的马“爱将军”的两对马-赢得了比赛的比分68.500。启宇马术俱乐部的钟慧思和他的队友董艳丽骑马“莱茵之恋”获得第二名。河北马术队的刘建伟骑着马“年轻的奥克拉德”,车手陈许克斯骑着他的马“ Yo Danx”获得了第三名。

Chief Referee Huai Peixin said when evaluating this event: “In general, the level of riders is constantly improving, and the level of training of horses has also risen. However, due to the restrictions of the epidemic and geographical factors, the participating regions, participants and horses are involved. The combination is limited in breadth and scope. This is the only regret of this event. Equestrianism is still a relatively small sport. I hope that there will be more equestrian events in the future, and the expansion and popularization of equestrianism will promote the commercialization of the equestrian industry. "

裁判长怀佩欣在评价比赛时说:“总的来说,车手水平在不断提高,马匹的训练水平也在提高。但是,由于流行病和地理因素的限制,参与区域,参与者和马匹都参与其中。组合的宽度和范围受到限制。这是此事件的唯一遗憾。马术运动仍然是一项相对较小的运动。我希望将来会有更多的马术赛事,马术的扩展和普及将促进马术产业的商业化。 ”