2021 10-08

Tiger Fight, October 18, Juventus midfielder Rabiot recently accepted an interview with Téléfoot. In the interview, he said that he would not regret not being able to win the World Cup with the French team. He said All I have to do is keep working hard. Rabiot also talked about Cristiano Ronaldo and Pirlo. He believes that Cristiano Ronaldo's positive attitude can inspire other Juventus players, and Pirlo can provide players with great advice.


Rabiot mentioned: "I feel great now. I am more confident now than before. This is for sure. I have also accumulated more experience, and this has helped me a lot."


"From the moment I called the coach, I was very confident. I said I couldn't report to the team on Monday. He said it was not a big deal, and the coach said he would wait for me."


Before the start of the 2018 World Cup, Rabiot was expelled from the French team for refusing to enter the reserve squad, and Rabiot also missed the opportunity to win the World Cup with the French team. He said: "No, I have no regrets. The result is like this, those things have happened before."


"What I need to consider is my present and future. My goal is to be recruited by the coach every time I train."


"I also hope I can get enough playing time. I am currently satisfied with my state, and those things have passed."


Rabiot also talked about his own situation at Juventus. He said that he still needs time to find a position in Juventus. Rabiot said: "I will not doubt myself, although I am still very young, but I have already accumulated some experience after transferring to Juventus in Paris."


"In the first few months after joining Juventus, I played very little time, and I was training hard at the time. I knew I could get the opportunity, and whether I could seize the opportunity was up to me. ."


Rabiot also praised his teammate Ronaldo, who believes that Ronaldo has always performed very hard in training. He said: "I think Ronaldo's hard work in training can motivate every player on the team to improve."


"C Ronaldo sent a positive message to the team. He is now 35 years old and he is still in a great state. It depends on his self-discipline."

“罗纳尔多(C Ronaldo)向车队传递了积极的信息。他现在35岁,仍然处于良好状态。这取决于他的自律。”

Rabiot also talked about the club coach Pirlo in an interview. He thinks Pirlo can also provide him with a lot of help. Rabiot said: "Pirlo? I think he can maintain a close relationship with the players. Pirlo is a very calm head coach."


"He can advise the players, maybe there will be more communication between him and us midfielders."


"Whether in my personal life or in my football career, I am now very satisfied, I am also very happy, the current situation is very calm, and I hope that the current situation can continue."