2021 11-11

[People’s Daily bless Yi Jianlian: It’s not easy for a veteran to recover from injuries and look forward to returning healthy] On October 16, Beijing time, the official website of the CBA League updated the injuries and expected recovery time of each team’s players, with a total of 8 teams and 11 people. Among them, Guangdong male basketball player Yi Jianlian is expected to still need 30 weeks to recover due to an Achilles tendon injury, which means that he is likely to miss all games in the regular season of the new season.

[人民日报祝福易建联:退伍军人要从伤病中恢复并期待恢复yobo娱乐平台健康并不容易] 10月16日,北京时间,CBA联赛官方网站更新了每支球队球员的伤病和预期恢复时间,共有8个团队和11个人。其中,广东男子篮球运动员易建联由于跟腱受伤而预计还需要30周才能康复,这意味着他很可能会错过新赛季常规赛的所有比赛。

"People's Daily" Sports Department officially issued a comment, not hesitating to praise the Arab League: For more than a decade, Yi Jianlian has been strict in self-discipline, trained hard, and always maintained a high level of competitive status. It is an example that many young players admire. For the veteran, it is not easy to recover from an Achilles tendon injury, but Yi Jianlian will do his best to recover. Looking forward to the Arab League back to the game in a healthy state. Bless Ah Lian!