2021 10-12

After Manchester City defeated Wolves, Ferran Torres, who joined the team, updated social media to share the joy of his debut with fans.

在曼城击败狼队之后,加入球队的费伦·托雷斯(Ferran Torres)更新了社交媒体,与粉丝们分享了他首次亮相的喜悦。

Ferran Torres said: "A good start to the new season. I am very happy to complete my debut in Manchester City."

费兰·托雷斯(Ferran Torres)说:“新赛季开局不错。我很高兴在曼城完成首yobo娱乐中心场比赛。”

In this game, Ferran Torres came off the bench in the 81st minute.

在这场yobo娱乐平台比yobo娱乐平台官网赛中,费兰·托雷斯(Ferran Torres)在第81分钟替补出场。