2021 11-11

According to reports from Sky Sports Italy, both Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain hope to get Khedira.


Khedira and Juventus’s contract will expire in June next year, but he is no longer in the plans for the Bianconeri’s new season. The two parties are currently discussing the termination of the contract, and he hopes to receive a compensation. Khedira's annual salary before tax is 12 million euros (after-tax annual salary is about 6 million euros).

赫迪拉和尤文图斯的合同将在明年6月到期,但他不再参加比安科内里新赛季的计划。双方目前正在讨论合同的终止,他希望获得赔偿。 Khedira的税前年薪为1200万欧元(税后年薪约为600万欧元)。

German Sky Sports reported yesterday that if Khedira and Juventus cancel their contract in advance, Paris Saint-Germain would be interested in exempting him from a visa.


Sky Sports Italy then brought new news, saying that there are two top clubs interested in Khedira. Manchester United like Khedira, they conducted a small evaluation. Paris Saint-Germain also hopes to get Khedira, and coach Tuchel asked the club to sign him.